Errol Peart

Errol Peart

CEO, CFO & Administrator

Richard Peart

Richard Peart

IT, Web Developer & Logistics

MISSION STATEMENT: Natural Vibez was created to provide a high-quality internet alternative to traditional radio that includes various genres of music not heard on local stations for all cultures and entertain audiences globally.

Natural Vibez plays internet music for all cultures. Everyone is welcome to visit our website. If you find it entertaining, go ahead, share it with your friends and family. Heck, share it with your enemies too, maybe they will start liking you again. It’s said that music soothes the soul and it will inspire you, make you cry, make you laugh and much more. But no matter what it does to you, we hope we can provide that experience for you. Take us anywhere, one website for all devices, including desktops, smartphones & tablets. Get engaged in the live chat room, ask the DJ to replay a song or mingle with your fellow listeners – a friendly community is a healthy community.

We want to say thanks to all who have helped us so far and for those who decided to start supporting us now. Natural Vibez DJ’s love music and they love sharing it with you, music lovers everywhere. We have made it easy and secure for you to contribute online by using PayPal. No donation is too small, so give what your heart desires, we are wholeheartedly grateful.

Biography of Errol Peart, President/CEO:
Born in Kingston, Jamaica and now residing in the United States since 1980. I was raised surrounded by music as far back as to the days when my mother wore crinoline and I was so amazed by the places that I would travel in my mind just listening to the sound over the stereo system in our home. Music is my first love and Music takes me to places and unlocks and evokes powerful emotions. My personal favorite song can stimulate my adrenalin and get me going. Certain artist such as Dennis Brown (a former schoolmate) is fondly remembered for the many songs he left as a tribute to our beautiful island Jamaica. Music lifts my spirit as it purposefully alters my state to an alert and excited one. Music is love, joy, peace all rolled up into one.

Biography of Richard Peart, IT Website Developer, and Logistics
In the early part 1995, I picked up 4 computer related books… “How to build a computer”, “How to repair a computer”, “How a computer works” and “Windows operating system”. These books since then have inspired me in forming my goals and direction in life. By August 1995 I had built my first computer, repaired and built other people’s computer and was on a pursuit to knowing everything there was to know about computers. As my experience grew over the years, I decided to obtain my master’s degree in computer programming and development. By 2000 I was knowledgeable enough to master the computer and Windows XP operating system, that was when I decided to explore the other side of the bridge. Apple computer system and OS X was next on my agenda. For the next 9 years, I perfected my skills by knowing the latest versions of both Windows operating systems and Apple operating systems. In 2010 I decided that I would not only build and repair computers, but I would be one of the best programmers there is! I currently manage the IT department the company I work for and also other third-party clients. In addition, I manage several client websites.


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